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Location Directions Function
Healer n [Heals and whatnot]
Baker 2swn [Food]
Baker/delivery 2swnw [Send food to other players]
Armorer 2sws [Armor levels 5 & 10]
Questor 8s [Type 'help quest']
General Store 2sen [Waterskins, lanterns]
Flower shop 2sene [Deliver flowers to other players]
Weaponsmith 2s2en [Weapons levels 5, 10]
Magic Shop 2s2wn [Wands, staves, potions]
Pet Shop 3s2en [Buy mudding friends (help pet)]
Boat Shop 3s2es [Boats]
Apothecary 3s3en [Expensive potions]
MAP SHOP 3swn [Maps to areas in game]
Leather Shop 3s2wn [Armor levels 0, 3]
Fido-Express 2swsw [Deliver items to other players]

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