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------------- Equipment For Lower Levels -------------
Equipment Area Affects Level
Metal Rings Goblin Path +1 int Level 1
Diploma Mud School +1 wis +1 con Level 1
Goblin Robes Goblin Path +1 wis Level 1
Hallowed Light Ask a Paladin Minimum +3hr Level 1
Skull Rings Tourn. Camps +1 Str Level 3
Safety Pins Lowlands +5 hp Level 5
Gravedigger Cloak Lowlands +1 con Level 5
Graduation Weapon Lowlands +1 wis +1 con Level 5
Garbage Can Lowlands Portal to Recall Level 5

There are many more nice low level items around the realm. This is just a small selection to give you something to search for. Also remember that object levels are slightly randomized each time they reset so it might be possible to get one of these items at a lower level.

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