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The following are some important channels and features that default to 'OFF' when you start as a new user so that you do not get 'spammed' with too much information.

- Items are constantly being auctioned on Aardwolf. To see auctions in progress type 'AUCTION'.

- To see people entering wars ('HELP WARFARE') type 'NOWAR'.

- To see game information as people gain levels, join clans, reach noble status, etc type 'NOINFO'.

- There is a channel specially for questions and answers, to turn it on type 'QUESTION'.

- Global socials and global emotes can be turned on by typing 'GEMOTE'.

Many other channels are available that you might not be aware of. Type 'Channels' to see a list of channels and your current status. Refer to 'help channels' for descriptions. All of the commands listed here can be typed again to toggle a channel on or off.

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