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Aardwolf is a very busy mud and at times there can be simply too much going on for your screen to keep up with. The following are some commands you can use to trim the amount of information sent to your screen:

'BRIEF' : Toggles off/on the automatic display of room descriptions. You can still use 'look' in the room you are in.

'CHANNELS': Displays each channel name and the command to turn on or off.

'NOSPAM' : Prevents display of parry/dodge/blink (and similar) messages that can become very spammy as your skill improves.

'NOSTATUS': Prevents target status being shown every single round of combat. You can put their health percentage in your prompt instead (see 'help prompt').

'BATTLESP': Turns off display of other peoples combat.

'INFO' : Allows you to customize the game information you see such as levels, deaths, notes, clan info, etc.

'RUN' : Refer to 'help run' for full description. Built in speedwalk command that is MUCH faster and less spammy than using speedwalks from within your client.

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