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Long ago the world was full of Chaos and Anarchy. There was no place in which a person could be truly safe. With war raging everywhere a group of knights banded together and sought refuge in a large Emerald fortress which they constructed. The knights held tight in this fortress for centuries, happy and content with their secluded lifestyle. But as ages and leaders passed by, the stories of old did not. Bards sung of the old days and the adventures of the founding knights of Emerald. A new age dawned on the knights, an age where its' members wished to once again venture from the fortress and regain what was once theirs. The drawbridge to the fortress lowered and the knights knew that Emeralds honor and integrity would not falter, but they were prepared to do whatever was necessary to reclaim the lands rightfully theirs.

The Emerald Clan is a clan dedicated to helping its own before all else. They believe in protecting each other at all costs. There are no race/class/align restrictions but you must be willing to help others on the mud, and especially your fellow clanmembers.

People who wish to join Emerald need to do the following: Post a note to Emerald on the personal board introducing yourself, explain why you want to join and how you can benefit us as a clan Once your request has been submitted, you must get as many members as you can to vouch for you, this will help you to get to know the members, and let the members get to know you. You will also be asked to complete several quests and speak with a clan leader.

Currently, Emerald takes in applications on the first of the month And applicants have till the 15th of that month to gather their Sponsers. After that time, the doors will close again and the Applicants with the most votes above a set minimum will be recruited for that month.

In addition, recruits will be asked to recite Emerald's Honor Code right before recruitment. You should know this for it may be asked more than once.

***********HONOR CODE***********
*I will be kind to the weak.
*I will be brave against the strong.
*I will fight those who do wrong.
*I will fight for those who cannot fight.
*I will help those who call on me for help.
*I will help my fellow Knights.
*I will be true and Honest.
*I will be faithful to my clan and its members.

After this is recited to a leader and an assembly of knights in a ceremony that person shall be recruited. Further information about the Emerald knights clan and its members can be found on our website To get the most current address, type claninfo emerald.