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So you died... Now what?

When your character dies in combat your corpse is left in the room where you died, and all of your equipment remains in it.

If you're not in a clan then you wake up in the Hospital, and the first thing to do is leave there. Note: YOU ARE NOT A GHOST. Since you're resting on a bed, type 'stand', and then go east. This brings you to the Temple of Mota. Now all you have to do is go back to the room in which you died, and type 'get all corpse'.
(Remember to take a light with you, or you might not be able to see your corpse. They're available at the general store in Midgaard, 2sen from the Temple of Mota.)

Sometimes it's not quite that simple though. An aggressive mob will block your route or you need a key to get past locked doors on your way there. That's the time to get some assistance. Happily, help is near at hand in many forms.

Newbie characters (those with less than 200 online hours and less than 16 levels) can request assistance on the Newbie channel. This is monitored by the Helpers, who can help you get your corpse back. If the Newbie channel is no longer available to you, try typing 'who from (cr)'. This will show you a list of players who enjoy assisting on corpse retrievals. Send one a polite tell requesting their assistance. The Watchmen clan offers free cr's. Type 'who watchmen'. Again, a polite tell might do wonders. Broadcast a general call for help on the gossip channel. Friendly folks are often listening in and will volunteer to help you. As a last resort, Ravi, north of the general store, can bring your corpse to you at a cost of one trivia point. Read the sign in his shop there to see how to use this service. Don't forget that after your corpse is empty, you can sacrifice it for gold!

If you were wearing invisible items, make sure you can see invisible when you retrieve your equipment, or you won't get it back- an anti-cyclops elixir from the Elemental Canyon will come in handy there.

When you have your equipment, type 'wear all'. this command will fill each of your eq slots with the first appropriate item in your inventory. Note that it does not automatically make you wear the "best" equipment you have- you need to check over what you're wearing yourself by typing 'eq'.

Clanned characters slain in mortal combat will wake up in their clan's morgue, with their corpse beside them. A simple 'get all corpse' and they're on their way.

If you die in warfare (read 'help war') or one of the combat mazes, your equipment stays with you, and there's no corpse to retrieve. It is not a real death.