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2017.01.29. - Server Move, Info Redo
2016.10.24. - Open PK Mode.
2016.09.25. - Game Update - Sep 25th 2016
2016.09.25. - SH stats save over remort.
2016.09.11. - Sept 11th 2016 Update.
2016.01.17. - Genie's Last Wish / Titan's Keep
2016.01.09. - Keyring Feature / Afterglow Area
2015.12.19. - Radiance Woods / Disenchanting.
2015.10.21. - Vaults and TPenchant
2015.10.12. - Saves Equipment Upgrade
2015.08.23. - Imagi's Nation Area.
2015.07.25. - Global Quest Rewrite
2015.07.25. - Dusk Valley Area, T3 Hardcore, Other
2015.06.12. - Spamreduce and other new changes.
2015.06.12. - Hardcore PK Mode
2015.05.30. - Icefall Epic Area
2015.05.23. - Practice Raiding / Test Mazes
2015.05.22. - Kobold Siege Camp
2015.05.03. - T9 TNL reduction, other changes.
2015.04.19. - Oceanpark and Infamy Goals, Other Changes.
2015.02.22. - Three new goals, practice full option, healtype.
2014.11.09. - Warrior Enhancements + Other Changes
2014.10.12. - Precision and Battle Learning
2014.09.17. - Hammerswing Skill, Faster Spellups
2014.09.06. - Berserker / Barbarian Class Merge
2014.08.10. - The Uprising Area.
2014.08.02. - New client release - enhanced map types.
2014.07.20. - Exp per level changes
2014.07.12. - Paladin Boost, New Quests.
2014.05.16. - Game Update 05/16/2014
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22 Jun 2024:
Overview of new Race Framework
Overview of new Race FrameworkSummary of the overall changes for the new races and high level changes.
22 Jun 2024:
Individual Race Change Details.
Individual Race Change Details.New Tigran, Ogre, Wraith, Gargoyle and Naga races. Summary of the main changes by race - list of each race with main updates and attributes.
22 Jun 2024:
Fantasy fields goals and other changes.
Fantasy fields goals and other changes.New goal in Fantasy fields. Automated reboots started. EXP / double and daily blessing modified. Multiple other changes.
21 Apr 2024:
Automated ice-age, racechange timer.
Automated ice-age, racechange timer.Automated reboots / ice-ages came into the game today along with a race change timer reduction and a few other things.
13 Apr 2024:
New Race System - Other Changes.
New Race System - Other Changes.New Race system allowing much more variety by race added today. Other changes in the attached news post.
30 Mar 2024:
Gquests, Resistance changes, Keys saving, more.
Gquests, Resistance changes, Keys saving, more.Changes to how gquest ranges work. Resistance redo in preparation for the new race changes. Keys now save over reboots. More in the post.
17 Feb 2024:
Note formatting and more accessibility features.
Note formatting and more accessibility features.New note auto-matting formatting code and other read options. New color codes to help VI / Blind users see alternate content.
17 Feb 2024:
New Superhero area and new quest.
New Superhero area and new quest.New Superhero area: An Auspicious Star’s Zenith area and new quest (goal) in Sanctity of Eternal Damnation.
21 Jan 2024:
Blind Accessible Features, Premonition Instinct, others.
Blind Accessible Features, Premonition Instinct, others.New features in today's reboot include some VI additions, removal of instinct in Premonition, Vampire changes, others...